THJS regularly visits fairs, cities, museums and other inspiring places. With our cameras at the ready, we are always looking for beautiful new color combinations and styling trends. We are happy to share this inspiration with you!

BOTH at Milan Design Week

How nice that you have continued to follow or just started following us! We are overwhelmed by all the nice and encouraging words. In the meantime, we are working hard on the website, our instagram page and of course on the trend themes.

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There's news

It’s been a while since we announced our termination of THJS. And as I (Titia) said at the time: I will continue to work in trends and interior design, that’s what I love to do most!In the past period I have worked on beautiful assignments; custom trend forecast and design, both graphics and products. Thank you for your trust!And behind the scenes I also started a new collaboration. Because how nice it is to share this work with someone. Visiting trade fairs together, sparring about new colours, new fabrics, techniques and designs.I met Bonnie years ago at a trend agency where we both worked. There was an instant click. Friendly and in ‘style’. We have kept in touch all these years and now there is an opening to work on new plans together…May I introduce you to: Bonnie Prins

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