Wings and folding screens

Published on 10 November 2020 at 20:23

Another thing that strikes us more and more are the many folding screens and wings that we encounter everywhere. As a result, rooms are divided into different areas, in which different activities can take place. Moreover, it gives a feeling of privacy, something that we have a great need for in the present time, in which we must be “always available”.

In Milan we also saw a lot of arches in the interior and as an accessory. They create a sense of protection for what is underneath. But at the same time, your gaze is also consciously guided to that which is behind the arch. An interesting game with protection, privacy and curiosity...

Even with chairs, this search for security is striking, both indoors and outdoors. Many sofas and chairs have a backrest as a kind of tub, which gives a very sheltered feeling.




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